What’s Growing On?

Below, we are discussing what’s new and exciting for the upcoming gardening season:

  • New vibrant varieties of Calibrachoa which are always in huge demand for hanging baskets and container planting.
  • We’re looking at new varieties of pansies which will have a much larger bloom than regular pansies.
  • Some annuals will be sold in a larger 6-pack format.  Bigger root ball = better plant.
  • As always, we will be carrying Lophospermum which are a favorite and exclusive to Belleisle Gardens.
  • In preparation of “Downey Mildew” which is expected to hit our area next year and affect impatiens, we are growing a variety of impatiens which will be resistant to this disease.  These particular New Guinea impatiens are not only disease-resistant, but also make big, showy plants with strong, all-season garden performance.
  • We will also be carrying many more varieties of cherry tomatoes.
  • Hot pepper plants have been a huge hit so we will be introducing new varieties for all “spiciness” levels.
  • We are going to test the market out in the Sussex area for interest in “produce packs”.  These will be available in limited quantities during the testing phase and will be a subscription based service.  For a weekly amount, recipients will receive fresh veggies grown by Belleisle Gardens.