Frugal Gardening Tips To Try This Season

Using boots as planters

There's no doubt that gardening can be an expensive hobby - there is no reason that it has to become a sink hole for your hard-earned money. Even though you want to grow your own flowers and/or vegetables, you still need certain things to garden: tools, soil, seed, pots, lighting, etc....  Some of the best gardening tips are free and will save you money for years to come. Here are some excellent resources for frugal gardening that are sure to save you some money! Using Eggshells for Starter … [Read more...]

Seeding Your Own Plants VS Buying Plants

Starting Seed Indoors vs Buying Plants

There's no doubt that gardening can be an expensive hobby, especially if you've got a huge garden. Whether you're growing annuals, perennials, vegetables or herbs, these can all be grown from seed...which brings up the question: can you save money by seeding your own plants rather then buying them as mature plants? Absolutely! You can save a lot of money going this route...but, you'll need extra supplies, extra room, extra time and effort in order to successfully grow plants from seed. It's … [Read more...]