The Potting Shed

Do you love having an instant garden with beautiful colour combinations?  Are you lacking the time to put together your own hanging baskets and containers?  Let us do it for you!

Bring in your empty containers/baskets to us and our staff will fill them according to your specifications.  We’ll browse through the greenhouse with you and make some suggestions based on your needs.  If you already know what plants you want, we’ll jot the information down and get to work!

We try to have containers planted within one business day, and once we’re done, we’ll call you to come pick up your masterpiece.  Fees vary depending on which annuals are being used and how much soil is required – we are more than happy to give you an estimate!

If you need us to care for your planters/baskets for an extended period, we can try to accommodate you – this just depends on the available room in the show greenhouse.

Call 506-432-5811 for more information.