Frugal Gardening Tips To Try This Season

There’s no doubt that gardening can be an expensive hobby – there is no reason that it has to become a sink hole for your hard-earned money. Even though you want to grow your own flowers and/or vegetables, you still need certain things to garden: tools, soil, seed, pots, lighting, etc….  Some of the best gardening tips are free and will save you money for years to come. Here are some excellent resources for frugal gardening that are sure to save you some money!

Using Eggshells for Starter Pots

If you enjoy starting your seeds for your garden indoors, this post is for you!  Eggshells make excellent starter pots!

Eggshell Starter PotsView Instructions Here.


Uses for Green Tomatoes

Don’t know what to do with all those green tomatoes that sometime fall off your plants?  Here are 7 great ways to salvage those green tomatoes so they don’t go to waste!

Uses for Green TomatoesSee Tutorial Here.


8 Ideas for Using Recyclable Materials as Seed-Starting Pots

Not only will these tips save you from spending money on pots, you’ll also be recycling materials.

Seed Starter PotsView Seed Starting Pot Tips Here.


 Cardboard Seed Starting Pots

More seed starter pots!  These are super easy to make using cardboard toilet paper rolls.

Cardboard Seed Starting Pots

View Tutorial Here.


Creative Frugal Gardening Ideas

Here is a compilation of different ways to save money gardening.  From saving money on seed and plants, to finding supplies at your local dollar store to building a very cheap greenhouse….this article has everything you need for gardening on a budget!

Frugal Gardening IdeasSee Frugal Gardening Ideas Here.


Recycled Bottle Herb Garden

What a great way to recycle old 2L pop bottles!  This herb garden is portable and takes up very little space!

Recycled Bottle Herb GardenView Tutorial Here.


Turn Household Items Into Outside Planters

If you like planting your own baskets or planters, you know that these containers can get pricey…here are a few good ideas using regular household items.


Using boots as plantersView Ideas Here.


 15 Uses for Vinegar In Your Garden

From keeping fruit flies away to removing rust off your yard tools, this articles shows you interesting ways that you can use vinegar in your garden.

15 Uses for Vinegar in your GardenView Article Here.


15 Foods That Can Be Regrown From Scraps

Did you know that you can regrow some vegetables from scraps?  Talk about stretching your dollar.

Foods you can regrow from scrapsView Article Here.

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