12 Creative & Unique DIY Plant Tags and Markers for Your Garden

Plant tags and markers are essential to keep your garden organized…but who says that your tags need to be boring?  Here’s a collection of unique and creative DIY plant marker projects from across the web.

Wine Cork Herb Markers

What a great way to use up old wine corks!  Doesn’t require a lot of “crafty” expertise – these are super easy to make!

Wine Cork Herb MarkersView tutorial here.


Wooden Spoon Plant Markers

This is a great project to do with your kids….let them feed their creative side!  Very inexpensive way to mark plants in your garden.

Wooden Spoon Plant MarkersView tutorial here.


Metal Herb Garden Markers

Cute and elegant touch for your indoor herb garden.

Metal Plant MarkersView tutorial here.


Vintage Cutlery Plant Markers

Have a lot of old spoons laying around? Add a vintage touch to your garden this year!

Vintage Spoon Plant MarkersView tutorial here.


Mason Jar Plant Protector/Marker

This is such a great idea! So handy because it keeps your seed packets nice and dry if ever you need to refer to them again.

Plant ProtectorView tutorial here.


Recycled Can Lid Plant Markers

Try using some recyclables and re-purposing them.  Takes a bit of work to get the lettering done but the end effect is quite rewarding.

Recycled Can Lid Plant MarkerView tutorial here.


Colorful Rock Markers

Add a splash of color to your garden AND keep your kids busy!  This project is perfect to keep the little ones occupied with only a few rocks and non-toxic acrylic paint.

Colorful Rock MarkersView tutorial here.


French Bamboo Plant Markers

These swanky plant tags are sure to bring a European feel to your garden with French signage…French not up to par? Pick another language!

French Bamboo Plant Markers

View tutorial here.


Clothes Pin Plant Tags

Instant plant tags for your pots in case you’re in a rush….all you need are a few spare clothes pins.

Clothes Pin Plant TagsView tutorial here.


Stamped Clay Markers

These require a little bit more work and patience than some other DIY plant markers but it’s definitely worth it….these are so cute!  You can even paint them if you want.

DIY Stamped Clay MarkersView tutorial here.


Chalk Plant Tags

These are reusable and resilient tags that you can use year after year.

Chalk Plant TagsView tutorial here.


Polymer Clay Plant Tags

Definitely cute but time-consuming….if you have the time, these are well worth it!

Polymer Clay Plant TagsView tutorial here.

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