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This post will be reserved for anyone who wants to share any gardening tips and tricks of their own.  Sometimes, plant tags make recommendations that won't necessarily work in your garden and you figure out another way to make it work. Let's take Sweet Potato Vine (lime green) as an example....the tag clearly states "Full Sun".  However, we've noticed that when left in full sun, it loses its lime colour and fades to a yellow.  We've found that this plant actually performs better in shade … [Read more...]

What’s the difference between annuals and perennials?

Difference between annuals and perennials

As the snow melts (finally), some of you may be thinking about what you'll be planting in your garden this year. One of the most common questions that we hear from customers is "what's the difference between annuals and perennials?". Before you start planning out your garden, it's important to understand the difference between annuals and perennials. It's totally understandable that someone may feel a bit confused by this walking through a greenhouse. With so many varieties of plants available, … [Read more...]

Seeding Your Own Plants VS Buying Plants

Starting Seed Indoors vs Buying Plants

There's no doubt that gardening can be an expensive hobby, especially if you've got a huge garden. Whether you're growing annuals, perennials, vegetables or herbs, these can all be grown from seed...which brings up the question: can you save money by seeding your own plants rather then buying them as mature plants? Absolutely! You can save a lot of money going this route...but, you'll need extra supplies, extra room, extra time and effort in order to successfully grow plants from seed. It's … [Read more...]